Covenants & Restrictions

Covenants & Restrictions

as submitted on November 5, 1973
  • All lots are for residential purposes only unless approved in writing by the board.

  • No tent, shack, trailer or out building shall, at any time, be used as a residence either temporarily or permanently.

  • No trailers, campers, trucks, or other commercial vehicles shall be parked on any lot except temporarily and solely for the purpose of loading and unloading, except within an enclosed garage. No two or three wheel motorized vehicle permitted.

  • No building or other structure shall be commenced upon any lot until the location and the complete plans and specifications have first been submitted and the same approved by the board.

  • Houses erected on lots having a width of 100 feet or more must have a minimum of 960 square feet of living space and placed over a full basement. Houses erected on lots having a width of 80 feet or less shall have a minimum of 600 feet of floor space. Lake front houses shall have full or partial basement or written exception.

  • All buildings shall be equipped with standard plumbing connected to an extended aeration treatment facility or other state approved system.

  • The exterior of all buildings must be completed within 90 days from start of construction. All buildings which are of frame construction shall be painted or stained with at least two coats upon completion.

  • Pets or animals will be restricted to those which may be confined to the dwelling. All animals must be kept under leash when outside the dwelling.

  • Easements as shown on the plat are for the use of lot owners not fronting on the Lake of the Ozarks and any future additions that may be created by the board.

  • The board shall supervise the maintenance of roads and water system with the power to assess all owners their proportional share of such costs.

  • No weeds or underbrush shall be permitted to grow or remain upon the premises and no refuse pile or unsightly objects shall be allowed to remain on premises. Trees having over four inches in diameter must have board approval before removal.